Entrevista a George R.R. Martin

Mais uma da MTV. Neste curta entrevista, GRRM fala (sem entrar em detalhes) do processo de escrita do final da série, com algumas analogias interessantes. Esperemos que os próximos não demorem tanto a aparecer como o A Dance With Dragons!

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  1. "On March 2, 2010, Martin remarked that he had reached 1,311 manuscript pages, making Dance the second longest book in the series at that point, behind only the 1,521-page manuscript of A Storm of Swords.[22] On July 8, 2010, Martin spoke at a conference and confirmed the current length of the book to be 1,400 manuscript pages. He expressed his disappointment that he was unable to completely finish the book by the conference, although he would not speculate how soon the book would be completed after his return home on July 11.[23] At the same conference, Martin also confirmed that he has written one Sansa, one Arya, and two Arianne chapters for the planned sixth novel, Winds of Winter, and has transferred two Cersei chapters from that book into A Dance with Dragons.[24] On August 7, 2010, Martin confirmed that he had completed 8 POVs, excluding prologue and epilogue.[25]

    At the New York Comic Con on October 10, 2010, Spectra senior editor Anne Groell announced that Martin had only five chapters remaining to finish, with sections of the chapters already completed. She stated her desire to have the manuscript completed by December.[26] In a December 2010 interview with Bear Swarm, Martin stated that he almost has A Dance With Dragons completed.[27]"

    Ou seja, será publicado aquando do grande sucesso da estreia da série, não é verdade? :P

    (Fonte: Wikipedia)

  2. Célia M. says:

    Por enquanto, ainda nada foi anunciado... mas eu sou da opinião que o "A Dance With Dragons" sairá por alturas da estreia da série. Posso estar enganada, logo veremos :)

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